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Youngsters for sale

Saphira head

Saphira trotting

Sapphira chestnut yearling filly by shaka ex Vienna by Wermut. Lovely elegant filly with a sweet personality. and lovely free movement (Above)
Emilia Grey filly by Shaka ex Winnie by Wermut and with her friend Sapphira (below)

Emilia and Saphira

Yearling fillies

Viola head and trot

Viola cantering

Viola, Grey yearling filly (centre) by Da Vinci ex Volante with Sapphira, Emilia and her dam Volante. She's our last Da Vinci baby and very typey with those wonderful soft eyes. (Above)

, yearling gelding by Shaka ex Daphne O'Dora by Rumak . This boy will turn heads - tall, very elegant and stylish and so light on his feet - even in the pouring rain! (Below)

Elijah in the rain

Elijah stood and trotting

Elijah moving

Two year olds (see them as foals 2017 too)

head shot and trotting

Nicoli - liver chestnut gelding born 2017. He has an all star pegigree of show winners and displays exceptional type and great flair with extravagant, energetic, eye catching movement. He's also the most burnished colour - these photos without sunlight don't really show how wonderful he is. He could have a great career as a ridden show horse and would excel in many disciplines.....

Nicola trotting with great flair

Ophelia showing off

Ophelia Grey filly by Shaka ex Lady Amy showing off her beautiful light movement (above)
Nathaniel Rich chestnut typey gelding with an exceptional pedigree of prolific show winners (below)

Nathaniel trotting

Nathaniel trotting

SUNNI chestnut 2 year old gelding from a family of great show winners. He has the loveliest personality and will make a great friend as well as a lovely horse to ride and show. (Below)

Sunni head and trotting

Yearlings in September

Alice, grey anglo arab filly by Da Vinci ex Starrock Emerald Orchid (below) and with Vilette ex Volante (above left SOLD) and Byron ex Sophie (above right N/A) also both by Da Vinci. Alice is such a sweet natured, beautiful friendly filly with a pedigree of high profile show winners. She has huge potential for showing, riding, endurance as well as being a wonderful pet.

Alice Grey PB filly by Da Vinci

Three Year Olds (see them as foals 2016 too)

Rosalind trotting

Rosalind Grey filly by Shaka ex Lady Amy. Very pretty feminine filly with a gentle, outgoing personality and lovely light movement. (photos Ali Phelps Loman and Mark Tabrett taken as a yearling (Below)

Rosalind x3

Rosalind x3

FOUR YEAR OLDS (see them as foals 2015 too)

ELDERBERRY Grey gelding by Kossack ex Winnie by Wermut. Light on his feet, charming and very friendly - will cuddle for hours if you let him. (Below) Now a beautifully balanced ridden horse - see him on the ridden pages for very recent photos.

Elderberry trotting



SIENNA Chestnut filly by Sheruggi ex Vienna by Wermut. A filly with a truly delightful temperament and lovely easy paces. She's a real pet as well as a superb ridden horse. Sadly one of our last young horses by the wonderful sire Sheruggi (Above)

Grey filly by Da Vinci ex Fiolka by Rumak. A really energetic, sensitive filly who just flies over the ground, she's so elevated and athletic. (Below) she's started her ridden training and will be amazing under saddle - see her on the ridden pages.

Florence flying

Florence stood


WILLOW 8 year old Bay filly by Kossack ex Winnie

youngsters in the field

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